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1986: 'CELEBRATION TOUR' (1986), Nagoya (Japan) Koseinenkin Hall
1990: 'WORLD VIOLATION TOUR' (1990), Sacramento (CA) Cal Expo Amphitheatre
1993: 'DEVOTIONAL TOUR' (1993 – 1994), Cologne (Germany) Sporthalle
2006: 'TOURING THE ANGEL' (2005-2006), San Sebastian, Spain (Estadio Anoeta)
После ухода Алана Уайлдера из Depeche Mode в 1995 году, Роберт Смит (The Cure) звал его в свою группу, но Алан отказался.

Question: Your Wikipedia page states that you were invited to join the Cure in the mid-‘90s. True, or false?

AW: Um, 75% true. They never directly asked me. They asked Daryl [Bamonte], who was working for us at the time. Daryl’s brother actually ended up in the Cure, Perry Bamonte. Daryl used to work for Depeche and was very close to Robert Smith, and in fact he ended up working for Robert. Robert asked Daryl to ask me, “Would Alan be interested in joining us?” And of course I had just left Depeche Mode at the time, and the last thing I wanted to do was join any other band. I didn’t want to be in any band at all. I still don’t, in fact. So it was never going to happen.
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